A Malagasy orphan became the African champion of entrepreneurship

How Tahina, an orphan of humble origins and without diplomas, became the champion of The Anzisha Prize

Who said that to succeed, you had to have substantial funds and large degree? Our hero does not come out of a prestigious business school, nor a wealthy family. Tahina Randriarimanana had a difficult start. Shortly after his birth, he lost his mother and he never knew his father. His grandmother took care of him but when 16, he is forced to abandon his studies to work as a researcher of water and snacks seller in his native village, Faratsiho.

Gradually, he founded Fimbonana, a small food company that sells in the capital of Madagascar products from fruit and dairy products. To date, he is 22 years old and already has a dozen employees.

In Madagascar, Fiombonana means "union". Indeed, Tahina's company is in some ways a union of farmers of his native region. These produce raw materials and Tahina, with his bike, sells in the Malagasy capital. With this, he created sources of income for families in rural areas.

First spotted by a Reuters reporter, impressed by its success story, Tahina was recently appointed as representative of Madagascar at Anzisha Price Entrepreneurship Contest. He flew to South Africa, accompanied by his translator, for training. And today, we learn that this young Malagasy won the competition. Besides the services of a value of 7500 dollars which all finalists received, Tahina also pocketed the first prize, worth 25,000 dollars.

In a poor country in crisis, where success is difficult, stories like those of Tahina give hope.

Source : Blog de Madagascar

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